Maui and San Francisco

After working on Arog as the Visual Effects Supervisor in a grueling schedule, mannn, i was tired. It was good to rest for a couple of months and very nice to go to Maui for a week for some windsurfing. Visiting my previous hometown San Francisco on the way was the bonus of the trip. I am back in business: Time to start working on the school project.

2 comments to Maui and San Francisco

  • Hazim

    Well done hocam… How was Maui? Where did you get to windsurf? Any time on the water at Crissy?

  • erdem

    Thanks mate! I was at Kanaha Beach. You know after Mediterranean we became a bit chicken. I was kind of anxious at first, then fell down at the reef and could not do well for the first hour. Then i said to myself, come on mannn you are from SF, and I never looked back ­čÖé I was on 5.8 and a 100lt board but if i had one more day i would be going down to 85-90lt i reckon. Anyways it was sheer stupidity of us living in SF for so long and never went there before. I am looking forward to the next time. But no windsurfing at Crissy this time, wind was at Maui ­čÖé